• 10% - 20% down payment or equity in home, no MI
  • Minimum 680 to 720 credit score required
  • Minimum loan amount $424,101
  • Max loan amounts will vary by institution


  • Guidelines will vary by lender
  • Flexible terms include adjustable and fixed rate mortgages
  • Aggressive interest rates
  • Liquid reserves of 12 months or more common


Jumbo mortgage loans described here follow underwriting practices of major depository bank programs.  Main stream depository banks tend to offer the most aggressive interest rates, but by far the most strict underwriting guidelines.

If traditional Jumbo mortgage underwriting guidelines are too strict or they just don't have the options you're looking for, a Portfolio loan is a good next option.

There are many private banks, credit unions and other investors that offer more flexible Portfolio guidelines for borrowers with compensating factors, or if you are willing to pay a higher interest rate.